With more than 6,000 transactions recorded and more added every day, Marcxell Finance is the most comprehensive database of large export and import financial transactions. But the product is much more than just data – the combination of magazine and analytics allows the user to understand a transaction in the context of the market when it reached financial close, the borrower’s creditworthiness at that time, the risk mitigation techniques employed, competitive pricing and comparison with past transactions of the same borrower and competitors’ transactions. Our goal is to provide you with a better loan at a reasonable rate.

Marcxell Finance also gives the user more power than a traditional closed database – subscribers can download the underlying data for a given search into Excel and manipulate the results in any way they wish. For example, by breaking down pricing by the tenor in a given sector and geographic location. We’re here for intelligent and effective advice. Our loans are analyzed by our financial engineers. Make real business for the general interest. It is now time to open the market to all.

Marcxell Finance is the innovation for Trade Finance. We are building the world’s first open platform using blockchain and distributed registry technology. Marcxell Finance is best described as an “Investor” for all business opportunities in the world. It is the most connected and secure platform infrastructure for banks, asset managers and value-added service providers.

Our award-winning company is driving change by facilitating the flow of goods, money, and credit in global trade. We are an investor in sustainable development.

Our technology is the analysis of a new wave of solutions. We are responding to critical challenges in trade finance. The new solutions we have created are changing the way the $80 billion trade finance market is managed. We are leading the way, revolutionizing financial services. It’s exciting to work that we believe in and is proud of.

We are problem solvers, we innovate, we experiment and we move at a fast pace. Marcxell Finance is a learning organization with a spirit of growth. As such, we are always looking for ways to improve the management of credit loans. Our corporate culture is rooted in an environment of innovation, collaboration, and celebration. We invest in long and medium-term projects. We are members of the Marcxell group and partners with the two main suppliers of protocols.


As an exporter having the ability to accept a letter of credit implies that you can trade with confidence knowing that you will certainly be paid for your Marcxell Finance works closely with credit institutions, banks and governments as well as individuals who wish to increase their wealth. Today, the circulation of goods, money and credit in world trade is based on a broken model that relies on the human intervention of third parties and on archaic, compartmentalized and still largely paper-based systems. This has made world trade extremely complex, inefficient, risky and exclusive.

Tomorrow this highly inefficient marketplace will be replaced by a smarter, better connected, highly automated and much more open and inclusive business infrastructure, enabling private sector growth, healthier economies and entirely new business models.

Marcxell Finance brings together a technical, financial and engineering capability to facilitate the administrative. We lend to those who have good ideas for the common good of the world’s people. Our strength is to believe in tomorrow’s talents. Let’s build together a fair business world.