Business funding can take many different forms. When looking for business financing solutions, it is important to consider both the financial product you are using and the lender that provides it. The same product from different lenders can be a very different proposition. Pricing can also be misleading and overall rates are not an indication of overall costs.

At Marcxell Finance, we specialize in helping companies raise funds from their assets. We invest in your projects and capital in order to give you better financial support. An excellent way to do this is to use the Asset-Based Lending loan, also known as the ABL loan. It can help you raise more money from your company’s assets than traditional forms of financing can generate. Our expertise can help you achieve your goals.

Asset-Based Lending (ABL) can help you grow your business by freeing up cash flow from your assets. You can increase your working capital by raising funds using your existing assets as collateral. Asset-Based Lending typically includes an invoice discounting facility as well as additional financing secured by a series of existing assets. Additional financing can be generated by the cash loan.

It is critical to know which lenders understand your industry and are willing to work with all the assets your business has to offer. As a business finance company, we specialize in financing in all forms and with a wide variety of suppliers. We can find you a new facility or review the arrangements you want. Being totally independent, we provide unbiased advice and our experience is at your disposal. Whatever your individual challenge or situation, you are not alone: someone somewhere has already faced the same situation and in 99% of the cases we will have seen it before.


Invoice Financing can help your business by increasing your capital, allowing you to pay your employees and suppliers without having to worry about late payments from consumers. At Marcxell Finance we specialize in finding and structuring appropriate and cost-effective invoice financing mechanisms for our clients.

We can find you a new structure or review your existing structures. Invoice Financing provides financing on a company’s accounts receivable book. Invoice Financing is normally a general term for the specific products that provide this type of financing. These products are classified into two main groups: factoring and invoice discounting. There are several “hybrid” products, but they are usually a form of discounting or factoring.

Each financing product works a little differently, but the principle remains the same. Companies provide products and services to other companies. Once these products or services have been delivered, you issue an invoice to the customer on credit terms. This invoice must then be given to the finance company. The finance company will then make up to 90% of the gross value of the invoice available to you and you can then withdraw the financing you need. When the invoice is paid, the loan is repaid and the balance of the invoice is made available to you.

It can free up cash flow from your overdue invoices, providing your company with useful working capital. This could eliminate the anxiety associated with paying salaries and suppliers, keeping your business running smoothly and without disruption. By using invoice financing you can outsource credit control to an expert organization that will use consistent and structured methods to efficiently obtain your overdue invoices. Strengthened capital can help your company take advantage of profitable opportunities and can enable you to negotiate with suppliers or obtain discounts.


International trade is typical now in the modern world and both imports and exports could open new markets, deliver brand-new items, and drive down all essential expenses. This type of field could bring its own risks and money circulation concerns. Import and Export Finance supplies a smooth remedy to help your business with paying your supplier right to your end customer pays. We often see a company that has safeguarded a huge order for a fantastic product yet they need investment to pay the supplier in the world.

If your company has obtained a large order or a big agreement from a consumer, you may be asking yourself how you are going to pay your supplier. Trade Finance does simply that. On the back of the validated order from ideally, a creditworthy customer your provider could be paid and the deal financed right up until your customer settles the invoice.


As an exporter having the ability to accept a letter of credit implies that you can trade with confidence knowing that you will certainly be paid for your items when delivered. Trade finance is made to shield both parties. Notably, it could also be made use of with invoice finance to provide a custom capital solution for your whole trade cycle. If you are considering exporting kindly call Marcxell Finance team to go over just how we may be able to help you.

We have a selection of solutions featuring finance that can help smooth cash flow and decrease the risk with trading with partners in foreign nations. At Marcxell Finance our recommendations are both unbiased and independent. We can discuss your options and identify how various types of facilities could help your company. With our understanding of the business finance market we can help you determine what is the most effective solution for your business’s needs.


As an importer of products you might be requested by your manufacturer to supply a ‘Letter of Credit’ or some other kind of trade finance. If your supplier is searching for convenience that they will be paid this is where trade finance can aid your company. It means that you could trade in the peace of mind with partners around the world. As an importer, it means that your providers will simply get paid if they provide the right volume and quality of products. This safeguards you while likewise ensuring them payment if they do exactly what is needed. This means that they can make your items knowing that they will be paid if they do what is required. An import finance facility could aid your company finance its whole trade cycle right from client order through to the client paying the final invoice. At Marcxell Finance we have years of experience in structuring such facilities to aid companies in making the most profitable opportunities.


Marcxell Finance was launched in 2010 to support also renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in developing countries that require international investment to support economic development and the transition to a low-carbon economy. Since 2015, Marcxell Finance has successfully concluded a total of 27 projects in 18 countries for an amount of €760,000,000. Half of the projects financed support wind energy solutions, a quarter focus on solar energy, and 15% deal with energy efficiency.

Marcxell Finance and Marcxell Group in Florida (USA) are expanding their cooperation through a seamless collaboration of large scale projects. Marcxell Finance is expanding its collaboration with development banks under two co-financing facilities for climate and development: ICCF and EFP. These global co-financing platforms provide long-term loans to private sector projects. The new agreements will make decision-making in the facilities even more flexible and reliable for the financing partners.

The European Investment Bank, Marcxell Finance and ten EDFI members extend ICCF’s mandate to continue their collaboration in the fight against climate change.

We are at a critical juncture and the citizens of the world expect us to act. We are therefore pleased to expand Marcxell Finance in partnership with trusted financial partners, as our platform is a critical piece of the global action towards a greener and more sustainable future, which also involves the African, Caribbean and Gulf regions. Since its inception, Marcxell Finance has led financial cooperation to target climate action and Marcxell Group is delighted to continue supporting high-impact projects through our platform.