Marcxell Finance supports you for participative financing. We sponsor professionals and academics based in large and small cities around the world. Our investments in your projects support your development. We canvass your projects whatever your ideas. Our clients are always satisfied with the management advice we offer. Marcxell Finance is honored to invest in the development of your project. A loan is an investment for us. Contact us for a risk-free future. Marcxell Finance brings together the best analysts of investment projects. We are here to facilitate and help you in your development. To call is to dare.

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We define ourselves as a financial partner. Indeed, all of our actions in support of companies and individuals is a support to your project. Marcxell Finance brings a growing advantage to the realization of your projects. Marcxell Finance gives you an additional platform for participative financing.

Improving people’s lives
For current and future generations
In the world’s poor places through the engine of the private sector growth


Marcxell Finance invests in private sector projects in low- and middle-income countries to promote job creation and sustainable economic growth. They apply strict investment criteria aimed at maintaining financial viability, transparency and environmental and social responsibility. We can be bilateral, serving to implement development and foreign cooperation policy, or multilateral, acting as the private sector arm of the international financial institutions established around the world.


Marcxell Finance provides capital from national or international development funds and benefits from government guarantees that ensure our solvency.

The financial support we provide to relatively risky projects helps to mobilize private capital participation, involving players as diverse as commercial banks, investment funds, private companies and corporations.

Marcxell Finance is in partnership with the Marcxell Group. In 2011 we wrote a report on trends in development financing for the private sector. This report is the result of a research project that examined the role of Marcxell Finance in the new global development policy landscape. We explore the significant changes that have taken place while examining our place in this evolving architecture.


Marcxell Finance works at the global level as the Development and Investment Bank. Our investments are focused on development for reconstruction and rural development. We are an international finance company. The CEO of Marcxell Finance, Mr. John Kamin Marcxell, said that capital spending on infrastructure projects in Dubai, Africa and Asia are at the top of our capital budget priorities.


The objective is to bring you the financial support that is involved in the development of international solidarity micro-projects supported by our investment fund.

We also assist micro-projects as well as companies looking for secure and realistic financing. We bring a methodology, financing and expertise in the setting up of your projects.

  • Realistic commission rates
  • Dedicated resources and support
  • Detailed performance report
  • International partnership

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International financial solidarity, through our participation, is a local presence and the diversity of your actions is an important asset in your ability to meet the basic needs of populations.

A trusted partner for business owners – the difference of international financing

Our financing seizes every opportunity to help strengthen small business owners. We empower you to do what you do best, with customized small business lending options and resources that contribute to your financial well-being and allow you to turn your vision into reality.

How We Compare to Other Financing Solutions

Marcxell Finance is an ally of small business owners, a trusted resource that works hard and acts quickly to provide financing solutions. We are a team of passionate people driven by hard work, ethics, mutual respect and transparency. We listen to our clients, understand your needs and nurture your passion to grow your business.


Business funding can take many different forms. When looking for business financing solutions, it is important to consider both the financial product you are using and the lender that provides it. The same product from different lenders can be a very different proposition. Pricing can also be misleading and overall rates are not an indication of overall costs.

Asset-based lending
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Asset-Based Lending (ABL) can help you grow your business by freeing up cash flow from your assets. You can increase your working capital by raising funds using your existing assets as collateral.

Invoice financing
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Invoice Financing can help your business by increasing your capital, allowing you to pay your employees and suppliers without having to worry about late payments from consumers.

Trade finance
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If your company has obtained a large order or a big agreement from a consumer, you may be asking yourself how you are going to pay your supplier. Trade Finance does simply that.


Marcxell Finance was launched in 2010 to support also renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in developing countries that require international investment to support economic development and the transition to a low-carbon economy. Since 2015, Marcxell Finance has successfully concluded a total of 27 projects in 18 countries for an amount of €760,000,000. Half of the projects financed support wind energy solutions, a quarter focus on solar energy, and 15% deal with energy efficiency.

Marcxell Finance and Marcxell Group in Florida (USA) are expanding their cooperation through a seamless collaboration of large scale projects. Marcxell Finance is expanding its collaboration with development banks under two co-financing facilities for climate and development: ICCF and EFP. These global co-financing platforms provide long-term loans to private sector projects. The new agreements will make decision-making in the facilities even more flexible and reliable for the financing partners.

The European Investment Bank, Marcxell Finance and ten EDFI members extend ICCF’s mandate to continue their collaboration in the fight against climate change.

We are at a critical juncture and the citizens of the world expect us to act. We are therefore pleased to expand Marcxell Finance in partnership with trusted financial partners, as our platform is a critical piece of the global action towards a greener and more sustainable future, which also involves the African, Caribbean and Gulf regions. Since its inception, Marcxell Finance has led financial cooperation to target climate action and Marcxell Group is delighted to continue supporting high-impact projects through our platform.

Our investment efforts will help you to increase your contribution to mitigate the change in the direction of development. By pooling our resources and expertise, my company Marcxell Finance has increased our ability to finance your growth-related projects, which is a top priority for Marcxell Finance. With the investment department, the transfer of skills and co-financing, Marcxell Finance will continue to intensify your development and transactions will become even more efficient.

John Kamin Marcxell

Chief Executive Officer


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  379 Cheney Hwy, Titusville, FL 32780, United States