With more than 6,000 transactions recorded and more added every day, Marcxell Finance is the most comprehensive database of large export and import financial transactions. But the product is much more than just data – the combination of magazine and analytics allows the user to understand a transaction in the context of the market when it reached financial close, the borrower’s creditworthiness at that time, the risk mitigation techniques employed, competitive pricing and comparison with past transactions of the same borrower and competitors’ transactions. Our goal is to provide you with a better loan at a reasonable rate.

Marcxell Finance also gives the user more power than a traditional closed database – subscribers can download the underlying data for a given search into Excel and manipulate the results in any way they wish. For example, by breaking down pricing by the tenor in a given sector and geographic location. We’re here for intelligent and effective advice. Our loans are analyzed by our financial engineers. Make real business for the general interest. It is now time to open the market to all.


covers bilateral financing, which currently represents 36% of total transactions


allows a breakdown by sector, geographical area and type of transaction


includes price and grade data, broken down by grade where applicable


links each agreement to market-leading media coverage


tracks more than 2,000 independently verified transactions per year


Directories by borrower name, lender name and lender role

  We provide daily updates on transactions and events in a wide range of export and import sectors, including shipping, aerospace, rolling stock, commodity trading, oil and gas, energy, renewable energy, manufacturing, lending facilities and fundraising costs for banks.

  In-depth records and news: monthly, topical analysis of benchmark transactions, new legislation, interviews with major lenders and borrowers, pricing and volume trends as markets are about to change direction.

  Market movements and strategy: from new appointments and expansion plans to fundraising and the cost of borrowing.

  We strive to circumvent confidentiality provisions and much of our coverage includes background, pricing, tenor, risk mitigation, expected cash flows and comprehensive lists of lenders not available elsewhere.

  Bimonthly borrower briefings describing key borrowing cost trends, feedback from borrowers and lenders on new deals closed, news in brief on flagship financings and deals said to be on the verge of commercialization.

We are at your service for any financial investment and collaboration