About Us


Marcxell Finance is the innovation for Trade Finance. We are building the world’s first open platform using blockchain and distributed registry technology. Marcxell Finance is best described as an “Investor” for all business opportunities in the world. It is the most connected and secure platform infrastructure for banks, asset managers and value-added service providers.


Our award-winning company is driving change by facilitating the flow of goods, money, and credit in global trade. We are an investor in sustainable development.

Our technology is the analysis of a new wave of solutions. We are responding to critical challenges in trade finance. The new solutions we have created are changing the way the $80 billion trade finance market is managed. We are leading the way, revolutionizing financial services. It’s exciting to work that we believe in and is proud of.


We are problem solvers, we innovate, we experiment and we move at a fast pace. Marcxell Finance is a learning organization with a spirit of growth. As such, we are always looking for ways to improve the management of credit loans. Our corporate culture is rooted in an environment of innovation, collaboration, and celebration. We invest in long and medium-term projects.

We are members of the Marcxell group and partners with the two main suppliers of protocols.

We are at your service for any financial investment and collaboration